Donald Trump and the Transformation of White Evangelicals
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15-09-2017, 08:42 AM
RE: Donald Trump and the Transformation of White Evangelicals
(14-09-2017 01:47 PM)MustangManda Wrote:  Interesting NYT opinion follow-up on that study:

Supporters blind trust of Trump can outweigh their existing ideology, thus when Trump can be persuaded/manipulated into sliding left (or center), his fans will follow.

"Barber and Pope found that people who identified themselves as strong Republicans were among the most malleable voters. When told Trump had adopted a liberal stance, these voters moved decisively to the left; when told Trump had taken a conservative position, they moved sharply to the right, as the accompanying chart shows."

Hmmm... I hope there are some people who are both capable and willing to exploit this behavior. Trump has also been shown to be susceptible to psychological manipulation, i.e. reverse psychology. Plant the seed that Bannon is in control of his behavior and boom, FIRED. "NO HE'S NOT!!! I'M A BIG BOY" Evil_monster

That's not exactly surprising, despite their claim for a small government, a large portion of Republican voters are supporting it because it represent the ''Law and Order'' party. All the power the Republican seek to sap from the federal government, they don't give back to voters, but to State and Local government and corporative power. People who believe in an athoritarian form of leadership and governance are necessarily very flexible in terms of position and will follow their appointed leader more than their ideals. The only thing this type of voter will rebel against is if their appointed leader loose the trappings (not even the position, but mearly the appearence) of authoritarian leadership.

Freedom is servitude to justice and intellectual honesty.
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18-09-2017, 11:33 AM
RE: Donald Trump and the Transformation of White Evangelicals
(20-11-2016 01:14 PM)tomilay Wrote:  The Donald Trump phenomenon continues to expose some surprising attributes.
I've been talking to a self-proclaimed "Baptist fundamentalist" on another forum although I'm pretty sure he's the sock pupped of a pastor of a rural Oklahoma church affiliated with a small, little known evangelical denomination. At any rate ... I asked him if any of Trump's pussy grabbing, serial lying, corrupt behaviors have caused him to regret voting for Trump even a little. He of course largely deflected but said in so many words that he's cynical about politics at any level and he voted for Trump solely to get SCOTUS justices more to his liking. He literally doesn't care about Trumps ethics or morals in the same way he doesn't care about any other candidate's. He's voting strictly to tick off that one checklist item, and torpedoes be damned.

I have seen this theme come up multiple times, of SCOTUS appointments. It appears to be the main quid pro quo that Trump offered in exchange for evangelical support. It highlights the narcissistic, nihilistic, cynical place that American fundamentalism has arrived at, particularly in recent years.

Ironically, they have always decried "activist judges" which is basically judges that alter precedent in ways they disagree with. But if they can get precedent altered in ways that WE disagree with, that's entirely different and not a bad thing at all.

This, combined perhaps with a willingness for the President to have photo ops in the Oval Office showing fundamentalist shamans laying hands on and praying over him, and letting one of their own conduct "Bible studies" as part of cabinet meetings, appears to be all that evangelicals (or at least white evangelicals) care about anymore.

Of course thanks to Obama being way behind in appointing judges and a surge in recent retirements, Trump is appointing way more than SCOTUS judges and many of those, as per the OP, are open idealogues of the same or worse stripe as Gorsuch.
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18-09-2017, 09:01 PM
RE: Donald Trump and the Transformation of White Evangelicals
(15-09-2017 05:47 AM)BikerDude Wrote:  I don't think it changed them. I think it exposed how full of shit they are.

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