Donating to Christian charities that actually do good?
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21-01-2014, 06:14 AM
Donating to Christian charities that actually do good?
I am in a little bit of a moral dilemma and wanted to see how others would respond.

While I was still a Christian and finishing my undergraduate work, I met two missionaries who were the most down to earth and loving couple that I had ever met. They had a passion for China and had been there many times. I went on my first "missions" trip with them to China and our primary objective was to go and visit with the workers who moved there to work.

This was not your typical "bible-banging" missions work, but instead they were helping to get actual medical care into the orphanages and helping to change the view that people had towards children with disabilities. Our trip was honestly more humanitarian than anything - which was great for me since I had already started my deconversion at the time, I just didn't realize it yet (I was in the phase of seeking to "truly understand the bible") - I didn't have to talk to anyone about god, I didn't have to do anything except spend time with these amazing children who may have otherwise been abandoned and most likely dead if it wasn't for the work that these people were doing.

So on to my problem:
I have been a regular donor to this organization, but I am having a hard time with it every time I see the bible verses on their Facebook. I know that my money is going towards food and surgeries and AIDS medications for children (children that I met, played with and have missed and cried over many times since), but I know that there will ultimately be some indoctrination going on. I almost feel like I should remove them from my Facebook so that I don't get reminded so often of the negative side to what they are doing, but ultimately I have been considering no longer supporting them financially.


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21-01-2014, 06:46 AM (This post was last modified: 21-01-2014 06:50 AM by Bows and Arrows.)
RE: Donating to Christian charities that actually do good?
Donors come & go for many reasons and charities know this. Since this particular one was one that touched you personally, you feel obligated to it, even when you are no longer 100% in agreement with its mission.

There are many charities that do life changing work, just as the one you support does, that are secular. One of those might have a mission statement that you could agree with 100%.

It sounds like you might still be supportive of this one if you didn't have so much contact with them on Facebook. If this particular cause is one you are passionate about and want to continue to support, then I would cut down the amount of interaction with them. Rather than connecting through Facebook, just connect thru the updates they send in the newsletters.

But if its because you know part of your support is for the promotion of a religion that you no longer agree with and that is what is nagging you, then I would look for another place. Fundraising is a never ending job in a charity because donors come & go- its just the way it works. Some people give to one place forever, some people give once, some people give now and then. Some give-then stop.

This is a comfort level question- only you can judge how uncomfortable you are. Maybe cut the Facebook interaction, and after a few newsletters, reevaluate how you feel about them. It could be their Facebook admin is just too religious for you.

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21-01-2014, 07:02 AM
RE: Donating to Christian charities that actually do good?
Try to get as much information about the worl this groug does as possible, so you know what happens with your money.

Not all religious charities are to be distrusted, Caritas for example is probably one of the worlds best charity organisations, despite it being catholic.

But one shouldnt trust any charity organisation that does not show what they do with your money.

You have the right to know if your donations go to a grining African warlord wearing a neckless made out of human fingerbones.

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