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26-01-2014, 12:44 PM
Okay, I derive no pleasure or entertainment from the suffering of animals, but the irony is just... Esp., as someone pointed out on Gawker (in an article named Evil Triumphs: Satanic Birds Attack Pope's Peace Doves), in light of: "Has not my inheritance become to me like a speckled bird of prey that other birds of prey surround and attack? Go and gather all the wild beasts; bring them to devour." —Jeremiah 12:9

"Two white doves released by children standing alongside Pope Francis in Vatican City as a peace gesture have been attacked by other birds. A seagull and a crow swept down on the doves after they were set free from the Apostolic Palace during the Pope's weekly Angelus prayer."

I bet a lot of god-fearing folk will be hard at prayer tonight. [Image: pray2.gif]

"E se non passa la tristezza con altri occhi la guarderò."
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