Dr Pepper supports Evolution?
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13-09-2012, 08:51 PM
Dr Pepper supports Evolution?
So the Dr Pepper page posted a picture suggesting that we were all apes until we discovered Dr Pepper, and that is when we began to evolved.

As you can expect, a whole metric f**k tonne of fundies have attacked Dr Pepper on the post(havn't looked at other posts to see if it is happening there). It certainly isn't as big as the Oreo gay rights thing, but hell I thought it should be posted here.

Link to Facebook post from Dr Pepper

I decided to share it to my wall, saying this -
Oh noes, a popular soft drink made an ad which suggests a scientific theory which has been more then proven by universal genetic code/fossil record/genetic commonalities/shared embryonic traits and bacterial resistance to antibiotics(among a wealth of other things)
inb4 mad fundies Laughat

Sure, that is a bit provocative but I have a few silly fundies on my facebook who might see it and think. Probably won't really think about it, but oh well I thought the post was funny Big Grin

[Image: 6YRfV.jpg]
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