Drama - Why do you participate?
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28-07-2011, 05:47 AM
RE: Drama - Why do you participate?
I consider internet drama to be excessively self centered whining with constant complaints. On the internet you're dealing more with relationships while talking to people so I just use that form. The net is full of angst =p I also don't really consider debates to "have drama", as the term has been so soiled (the term have drama not just drama alone). Some of them do, and those I avoid. I will talk to people even if they are being unreasonable as long as they can actually listen and respond.

Though the reason I like it here is because it's a lot different than most of the internet. =p One of the few places I can actually debate and generally learn. I also tend to argue for both sides on heated debates because you can better understand things if you look both ways. Though the topic of abortion is not polarized, the general people opposing the pro-life group are just your more moderate people who like rights. we don't really have an opposite in that debate.

I'm not a non believer, I believe in the possibility of anything. I just don't let the actuality of something be determined by a 3rd party.
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