Dreamland is officially real. The aliens? Not so much.
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16-08-2013, 10:24 PM
Dreamland is officially real. The aliens? Not so much.

The CIA officially acknowledged the existence of the Groom Dry Like Bed Flight Test Facility, better known as Area 51.

For decades the existence of this site was officially denied by the government and the military. Known colloquially as Dreamland or The Ranch, Area 51 sits on the northwest edge of the Nellis bombing and gunnery range in the most remote and desolate section of south central Nevada. Unapproachable for miles in every direction - no one dares to cross a perimeter marked with USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED signs - and capped by restricted airspace overhead, Area 51 is perhaps the most enigmatic government facility in the US. The best information available on the place suggests that it is used as a flight test center for exotic and classified aircraft used by the CIA and the USAF. Some of the most clandestine aircraft programs like the U-2, A-12/SR-71, and F-117 aircraft first flew here and many operated directly from this base for decades in total secrecy - some possibly to this very day.

Given my interest in military aviation, I've known about Area 51 since the late 1980s. The place never appeared on maps but back then you could freely buy Soviet spy satellite photos of the installation. Nowadays anybody can check it out on Google Maps in amazing detail. I lived in Las Vegas for a couple of years at one point in my life and remember the JANET 737s, which carried civilian workers to and from Area 51, departing and landing at McCarran Intl. it was a place that every aerospace engineer knew about but could never tell you about.

The association of Area 51 with alien technology came in 1989, when KLAS TV reporter George Knapp interviewed Bob Lazar, a Los Alamos scientist who claimed that he had reverse engineered alien spacecraft at Area 51, though Lazar claimed the spaceships were at a super secret detachment of Area 51 called Area S4 on nearby Papoose Dry Lake. The story spread like wildfire in UFO circles and tech chic publications like Popular Mechanics and was a major headache for the US government attracting all kinds of unwanted attention which only got worse every time the government denied the place existed.

From what I've learned about the place, Area 51 is a real facility but the S4/aliens stories are fabricated bullshit done by attention seekers. This isn't to say aliens couldn't visit us either in the pas or at some future point in time, but the evidence for this right now is too thin to be acceptable. This seems to match the CIA's account of the place, which corroborates Ben Rich's memoirs about running the Lockheed Skunk Works in Burbank, CA, which built the U-2 and SR-71 airplanes then test flew them at Groom Lake.


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17-08-2013, 02:37 PM
RE: Dreamland is officially real. The aliens? Not so much.
Yeah totally not surprised. A Stealth Bomber looks a hell of a lot like a UFO (actually it is a UFO...just not from space) if it's 1981 and you won't know what a stealth bomber is for another 7 years.

What I'd be really interested in is knowing when the USSR found out about Groom Lake or any major foreign government for that matter.

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