Dreams, Memory & Reasoning
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23-07-2017, 10:48 AM (This post was last modified: 23-07-2017 10:53 AM by Rahn127.)
Dreams, Memory & Reasoning
I consider myself an avid dreamer and as such, I've noticed many things about dream states, my memories and my ability to reason.

In a recent dream, I was down on the avenue with my bike. It was late in the day, but still daylight out. I was standing next to my bike with no memory of how I got down on the avenue, many miles away from home.

I began to reason that when I come down here, I either drive my car or ride my bike. Since I never put my bike in the car, it stands to reason that I rode my bike to the avenue. No problem. I'll just ride back home.

In the dream, I knew I had a get together to go to later on that evening, so leaving now would be best.

Another kid on his bike rides by and as he sees me, he looks afraid and peddles away much faster.
I thought "He must think I'm somebody else, but I'll chase him for a block or two, just for fun."

I get on my bike and start peddling. When I go to sit on the seat, it's a full 6 inches lower than I have mine set on. I put that out of my mind and keep riding.

I hit a curb, sliding the tire on it's edge and blow my back tire.
Lucky for me a gas station is close by.

(Break from dream for a moment, because this dream is taking place when I was a teenager of 17. That was some 35 years ago, when gas stations would fix bike tires and cars, no matter what kind of problem you had.)

Back to dream.
I show the gas station mechanic my bike tire and he picks it up to place it on a stand to get a better look at the tire. When he does, the front tire falls off.

The look he gave me with the shock that this might not be my bike, caused me to think even more.
"I don't think this is my bike. Front tire falling off like that is an indication that it was stolen. The kid on the other bike recognized me as someone else. This isn't my life. This isn't my bike. I'm not me and I have no other memories."

I wake from the dream thinking "WoW"

In some dreams, I have access to my morals, logic & reasoning faculties. In others I don't.
Some dreams I have access to my own memories and I can determine quite quickly that I'm in a dream, by comparing my "real" memories to the dream memories I'm currently making.

When it comes to memories, how we store them, how they are tagged, is very important.
When we are awake, memories are stored in such a way that they have a time stamp on them. I presume some kind of chemical time stamp that allows us to remember if something happened this morning or if something happened 30 years ago in the morning on a Sunday when lightning flashed and the rain fell briefly before the sun popped out.

It would also seem that when we are conscious within a dream, we are under varying limitations when it comes to our thinking faculties.

Now the question that comes to mind is...
Does our consciousness reside in a certain location within our brains or is it seemingly everywhere ?

Imagine a large jar filled with red marbles.
We fall asleep and now only the marbles along the top of the jar are red. The rest of them are now white.
The red portion represents our consciousness and the areas of our brain we have access to.

Now imagine a split personality brain in which half the marbles are red and half blue.

A lot to ponder.

I'll let you ponder now.

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23-07-2017, 04:02 PM
RE: Dreams, Memory & Reasoning
(23-07-2017 10:48 AM)Rahn127 Wrote:  I consider myself an avid dreamer and as such, I've noticed many things about dream states, my memories and my ability to reason.

Your account shows many typical dreaming characteristics, including the propensity to confabulate and rationalize during the state. You were effectively playing a part by cuing off the scene, at least until you began to question it.

In answer to your pondering about localization, I would say consciousness is obviously not all or nothing, but depends on what parts of the brain are activated. Since less of the brain is activated during dreaming, we can't easily access orienting memories or think logically. The confabulations and rationalizations of dreaming mentation are the result.
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23-07-2017, 04:08 PM
RE: Dreams, Memory & Reasoning
I often sort of wake during a dream and consciously bring it to the desired conclusion. I am not really awake - but I am aware that I am dreaming and seeing it is unsatisfactory I step in and fix it.

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