Dueling with drink?
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14-02-2018, 09:38 PM
RE: Dueling with drink?
(05-02-2018 12:27 AM)Chas Wrote:  
(02-02-2018 10:16 PM)Thumpalumpacus Wrote:  Anyone else?

I've strung together 26 years, 3 months, and 3 weeks worth of days - one day at a time.
It gets easier, it becomes the new normal. Yes

With cigarettes, however, not so good. Weeping

I made a plan to quit smoking and it worked for me a few years ago.

I bought the nicotine gum, but i didn't intend to quit cold turkey and go straight to the gum.

I made notes of when I would smoke each cigarette each day. After i got all the little habits figured out, I began to replace every 2nd cigarette with gum, stretching the time between cigarettes to two hours, instantly cutting my smoking down to half as much my first day.

But then something happened. I would often forget that it was time to smoke, and when i realized it, it stretched the time between cigarettes even more. By the 3rd day I was smoking only 1/3 the amount of cigarettes. The urge to smoke became much less with the gum as a supplement, and by the end of the week I was down to 1 cigarette a day, which just so happened to be the 1st smoke of the day.

After a few more days, I easily quit completely and never smoked again. Having a plan helps a lot.

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