Poll: Should this be a community or succession fort?
Community - it looks too hardcore for me to play, but I'd like to be involved!
Succession - I've got a big enough beard to wanna give this a shot.
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Dwarf Fortress Community Thread
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06-07-2012, 11:43 PM
Dwarf Fortress Community Thread
[Image: DwarfFortress.jpg]

Dwarf Fortress

It's Minecraft's bigger, angrier, beardier cousin. It's the most hardcore game ever made. It's so hardcore that its motto is that Losing = Fun. It's entirely free to play.

And it's ridiculously fun.

So here you go. It's time to strike the earth - but I want you guys to decide how this goes.

I can do one of two things here: run a community fortress, wherein I play the game but you guys give input, or start off a succession game, wherein we each play one year of game time before handing the save off to the next person*. For those new to the game, check out the following links. They're quite helpful. And don't be afraid to ask about stuff!

*: Being good at the game isn't necessary, and is actually discouraged.

The Saga of Boatmurdered - A Sampling of the Crazy
Dwarf Fortress Is Hardcore - An Illustrated Guide
Dwarf Fortress - /tg/'s Guide to the Beardiest Game Ever Made
Your First Fortress - A Step-By-Step Intro

"Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness."
- Terry Pratchett
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