Eating Clean on a Budget.
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23-03-2017, 09:52 PM
RE: Eating Clean on a Budget.
Gardening is a great way to go if you have the space. Not only do you save loads, it actuall tastes like a gods damned tomato! Suggestions include:

Lettuce: Black-seeded Simson is a common heirloom variety that resists going bitter and enjoys partial shade. Plant small rotations monthly so that when the older plants do go bitter you have younger ones to eat.

Spinach: Look for a bolt-resistant variety and rotate planting. Likes partial shade and hard to mess up but will bolt in summer heat.

Chard: Much like spinach but without the bolting problems. Easy to grow.

Kale: I hate this stuff and so will your husband but it has fiber, nutrients and you can't kill it with an axe. It will grow under snow.

Broccolini: We discovered this gem last year. Similar to broccoli but you cut the center head out and the side shoots grow more. Lots more. 12 plants produced more than we and the neighbors could eat from mid-Jul to October. Very easy to grow.

Scarlet runner beans: Pole beans that will grow several stories tall if allowed but that can make harvesting tricky. Beautiful red flowers. Get the beans small (foot long) to eat straight. Older than that and they get tough. The fuzzy texture takes some getting used to. Very heavy producers.

Carrots: Easy if you have fairly loose soil. Makes lots of food that stores well.

Beets: Much like carrots and fun with kids! Get the cylindrical varieties for ease of peeling. Larger ones may be mistaken for turnips. Get a yellow variety if staining is a worry.

Zucchini: Now available in varieties for large plant pots. You shouldn't need more than 3 or 4 plants to get enough zucchini to choke a horse.

Tomatoes: Easy to do, hard to do well. Can be grown in large plant pots but prefer more soil. Will need staking or cages. My cultivar of choice is Matt's Wild Cherry. A snacking tomato, not a heavy producers, but the flavour can't be beat. Black Krim for a heavy producer if you don't mind the colour.

Potatoes: Easy to grow if you have the room and stores well. Won't save you much money since they're so cheap but taste so much better that it's worth it.

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