Edgars' Granner's baby! Edgars' Granner's baaby!
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26-02-2017, 11:16 AM
Edgars' Granner's baby! Edgars' Granner's baaby!
My giggling niece taunted my mother playfully.
Mom had given her the ammo, shouting out "that's my baby!" every time rookie Edgar Martinez got a clutch hit.
Mom had turned away from baseball when my older brother had died in his 18th year. He was a talented and driven player, one of thousands with ambitions beyond high school ball. With his loss, everything shut down.
Then she let baseball back in. This young slugger had charmed her back, and she returned to baseball wholeheartedly.
Mom was not your average hometown fan. She dug into stats and watched classic games on ESPN. She knew what was going on, in either league. She wore her earphones everywhere, much to the chagrin of her oldest daughter. Sis thought it an insult that the game was more important than what was going on at family gatherings. Mom had learned to multitask Smile
We shared her enjoyment and watch games with her, and started going to a few games a year. In 2001, we got together and signed her up as an ambassador to the 2001 All Stars Game, and purchased tickets. We took turns going to the three day event.
She met legendary players, the most memorable was Buck O'Neil, negro league player and manager.
Edgar retired, and we went to the subsequent Edgar Martinez day game as a family.
[Image: 800_Touchette_edgar%20day%20waving_zpswib1diwb.jpg]

Yesterday was the opening day for spring training ( mom went to spring training ),
and I thought of her. She was a football fan just to have something to do, and she waited for spring training.
My nephew posted up in FB at 2AM in her closed group, for picking a day for the annual granner's gang get together game.

They are retiring Edgar's jersey on August 12. We will be there.
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