Edge Ov Hell (Short Story)
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23-08-2012, 02:12 PM
Edge Ov Hell (Short Story)
I'm very much into creative writing, particularly stories of a dark and/or supernatural nature. Time warps, ghosts and goblins, phantasms of all sorts; it's all captivating to me. Because my mind is of a darker sort, these themes tend to turn up in my dreams from time to time. These dreams are vivid, captivating and altogether terrifying, and because of that, I remember them fully. What follows is a retelling of one such dream; exactly as it played out in my head.

If anyone likes it - and my writing style in general - I'd be happy to post more to the forum in the future Smile If not, oh well - my stories are mine anyway Tongue


We’ve set up our base camp after the long excavation. I don’t even know how many miles into the Earth we are now. We passed the crust long ago and we entered the bedrock many, many miles back up this long hole we’ve dug ourselves into. I’ve seen a lot of caverns along this journey, but never any like the one we’ve based ourselves in now. I don’t think any of us have seen a cavern like this. This one is hot and the air is dry. The heat is almost suffocating, to the point that I can barely breathe. But the worst part of this place is not the heat, nor the treacherous, rocky ground that slides beneath our feet. It is the sound that emanates from the massive wall of bedrock before us. The sound of unearthly moaning accompanied by a thousand distant screams. At first we couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but we soon realized it was coming from behind the wall. The wall itself has patches of intense heat near the very top and along the ceiling that are glowing orange like a smoldering fire, and from these spots, bits of burning ember float down to us like glowing ash. We’re all feeling uneasy; I know it’s not just me. Todd, our overweight drill-man, is standing near me staring up at the towering rock wall. He looks as though he senses impending doom, and I don’t blame him. I’m feeling the same thing.

Our team leader decides we’re going to drill into this wall. I try to talk him out of it; telling him that most members of the team are feeling an overwhelming sense of dread that seems to radiate from the very rock itself - but he insists that we dig. I try as hard as I can, but I can’t talk him out of it. He seems determined, as though he’s hell-bent on finding whatever it is that lies beyond this ominous rock-face. The rest of us know our rank, and can do nothing but stand back and watch as they fire up the Digger. It’s engine rumbles louder than the ever-present moaning that fills our ears. It spits black exhaust from its chimney and the large, diabolical drill on its front begins to turn with a deep, dreadful whirring sound. It’s massive tires roll overtop the rocks and the dirt, slowly making it’s way closer to the side of the wall. We all tense as its drill begins digging into the rock; grinding and crushing it’s way forward, foot by foot. Soon, the grinding stops, but the drill continues spinning; a sure sign that it’s broken through to the other side.

We take a step back and watch in suspense as the Digger backs out of the hole. As the drill leaves the rock, a bright orange and yellow light emanates from the freshly-dug entrance like a massive burning inferno. We make our way to the opening of the hole but we’re taken aback by the massive heat that is coming from inside; a heat that is much hotter than the cavern we’re already standing in. I’m the first to stare into the hole, and what I see both frightens and fascinates me. The air inside is blurry like the heat rising from a sun-parched highway, but I can sense that in front of me lies a vast, firey landscape. It looks as though the whole thing were engulfed in titanic flames that stretch far into the distance. The moans are louder now than ever before and, despite what my body is telling me, I climb inside the hole, into the heat. I’m followed by several other members of the team and as we look around, we see that we are standing at the edge of some kind of vast cavern. Around us there are massive pillars of rock that stretch from the floor to the ceiling, and the ceiling above us is littered with stalactites.

As I observe my surroundings, I suddenly become aware of the presence of a large black figure standing next to one of the pillars no more than 20 feet to my left. I cannot be sure what this figure is because the air is too distorted by the intense heat and is preventing me from seeing clearly, but I can tell that it is not part of the cave. In some way, it seems to be looking out over the landscape ahead. What strikes me most, however, is the sense of darkness - of evil - that seems to be coming from it. Suddenly, I see through the blur that the figure is moving.

It slowly turns it’s head and looks directly at me with eyes that burn like a pair of glowing embers; staring into my soul as if to say, “Welcome to Hell.”

Through profound pain comes profound knowledge.
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