Educate me. Was there a Jesus?
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23-04-2012, 09:06 PM
RE: Educate me. Was there a Jesus?
(23-04-2012 08:22 PM)earmuffs Wrote:  The gospels were written by the apostles because they wanted to preserve the memory/story of Jesus.

Religion was power back then so if you have this story like Jesus then you're gonna get a bit of attention. And the story had been proven to be well received by the public just looking at past cultures and religions with the exact same story.
I think the gospels were written by pretty sophisticated theologians, well versed in Greek rhetoric and literature, who styled themselves as mystics who could correctly interpret the cryptic and "prophetic" allusions of the Hebrew Bible (which they, not being Jews, could only read in Greek). They found the "life" of Jesus in the scriptures, as they tell us repeatedly. Then they went to Josephus and a few now lost rabbinical sources and filled in the rest. The whole thing was a post hoc justification for their wholesale theft of Judaism and the Jewish scriptures. A "final" prophet was sent to the Jews, killed by them, then recognized alive by only gentiles. The resurrection was their proof-text that God was now on their side since they alone recognized the Son of God while his former chosen people were so lost in their sinful ways that they killed him. The desire to be in the driver's seat of monotheism created a demand for a myth like this. A "historic Jesus" was completely unnecessary, though they might have borrowed Jesus ben Ananius out of the pages of Josephus. (A text well known to Romans and Greeks but not Jews.)

Please read the gospels again and tell me if you think this story resembles anything that ever happened in reality.
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23-04-2012, 09:07 PM
RE: Educate me. Was there a Jesus?
(23-04-2012 07:01 PM)Blood Wrote:  
(23-04-2012 02:21 AM)Mark Fulton Wrote:  Note that James and John the baptist were recorded as genuine characters by non Christian historians.

It's well documented that the author of Acts used Josephus as a source. Now I'm beginning to think that all of the NT writers used Jo. They lifted John the Baptist and James from him. Perhaps Jesus was lifted as well?

Hereupon our rulers, supposing, as the case proved to be, that this was a sort of divine fury in the man, brought him to the Roman procurator, where he was whipped till his bones were laid bare; yet he did not make any supplication for himself, nor shed any tears, but turning his voice to the most lamentable tone possible, at every stroke of the whip his answer was, "Woe, woe to Jerusalem!"

Yes, that is quite possible. See my comments 113 in this post
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