Einstein Method, Book of Daniel
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26-08-2013, 01:25 PM
RE: Einstein Method, Book of Daniel
We can both take a step back, certainly:

1) I noted the type and shadow of Jesus Christ in each point of this part of the Law canon.

2) If we take the authors at face value (assess their claims from a skeptic's perspective to research the validity of their work) they weren't just "authors committed to telling the truth" but authors who said God Himself wrote in a fiery hand on a mountain not to lie. Further, there are dozens of verses if not hundreds where the authors swear there accuracy and personal candor, and in both testaments.

3) I recognize the circular nature of "Muhammed spoke truth so I know the Qu'ran is true". The Bible authors can be said to have written, "We write truth and further attempt to include convincing proofs within that we've written truth".
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