Elder Scrolls
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10-08-2014, 08:24 PM
RE: Elder Scrolls
(10-08-2014 07:26 PM)Cardinal Smurf Wrote:  You guys know there's no reason to roll a new toon in Skyrim, right? No level cap at all. Just have your mage pick up a sword and shield and go block some mud crabs to level it up. Just keep going. You can level ALL skills to 100 eventually...assuming sufficient patience (the test I failed).

With infinite heals you can raise block against giants if you want.
What muffs said, and that just feels wrong. It's like having your character pretend to be weak for some perverse reason. I also tried to raise all my skills to 100, but decided it was a waste of time, so only did combat skills I actually used. Ended up legendary-ing archery twice I think. I tried not to do any cheap tricks to level either. Tried as best as I could to level as if my character was living in the world...not specifically grinding or training.

I prefer fantasy, but I have to live in reality.
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11-08-2014, 08:00 AM
RE: Elder Scrolls
I find the easiest one to make legendary is speechcraft...

In Skyrim you never run out of things to flog for gold... I must have thousands of jewels stashed away in my houses.

I feel like my original character has no reason to exist anymore... All the quests completed. It's kind of sad. I load him up, and just don't know what to do... So we end up just wandering around aimlessly.



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11-08-2014, 12:58 PM
Elder Scrolls
I found a way of going multiple legendary that feels broken. I think my illusion skill is maybe legendary 15 now.

1) raise illusion to master and learn spell Harmony
2) raise enchanting to master level and make 4 pieces of gear allowing casting of Illusion spells at no mana cost
3) go to a crowded place in Whiterun (marketplace is a good choice at some times of day)
4) cast Harmony on as many people as possible repeatedly (yes, they will complain)

My toon is around 101 now and there are still many skills left below 20 to raise. Some areas of the game have gotten quite challenging.

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16-08-2014, 04:52 AM
RE: Elder Scrolls
IMO - Oblivion was way better in almost every aspect except story and graphics then Skyrim ever was. The places were far cooler looking, the quests were a lot more fun.

It was an RPG. Unlike skyrim which is NOT AN RPG. It has no classes, no nothing that resembles an rpg.

Magic was far superior in Oblivion. If you have not noticed. After morrowind. Magic has been getting a lot weaker and more complicated. With shrinking spell lists and more streamlined. Which means in 2 more games, we will have a Elder Scrolls game that is just a FPS with no magic and replace Shooter with swords.

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