Electronics Puzzle -- for the technically minded
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18-07-2015, 01:42 PM
RE: Electronics Puzzle -- for the technically minded
(18-07-2015 08:54 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  
(18-07-2015 07:59 AM)Chas Wrote:  Are there common characteristics for the stations you lose?

Are they further away? All in the same general direction? All in one part of the band?

Are there any warnings about interference/EMF in the manual for the charger? You do have the manual, don't you?

The stations we lose are the ones with the weakest signals. Directionality and frequency don't seem to be a commonality...

And big surprise -- I DO still have the manual -- it's on a string tied to the charger.... Never bothered to take it off. No warnings on it.... But, it was built back in the pre-digital age.........

When a digital signal falls below a certain threshold, the digital tv won't display anything, unlike an analog one.

Sounds like some field from the charger is interfering with the signal. The strong stations stay above the threshold.

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