Eliminate the humanoids! Eliminate the intruders!
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02-04-2012, 10:27 AM
Bug Eliminate the humanoids! Eliminate the intruders!
Hi folks, sorry to post this so late after my request for help elsewhere. This is copypasta'd from my site.

I play a generally confused murderbot on the internets. I like to post a lot about atheism and religion because it's a topic of interest of mine, being an agnostic atheist (yes, the two terms can and do work together) of many years. To get into it further, I am generally a gnostic atheist when it comes to more popular deities like Yahweh & Allah (yes, I know, essentially the same dude), because their own material is self-contradicting or just plain ridiculous. I won't deny that it's fun to get a fundie steaming mad on occasion as well.

Yes, much of what I write about has been done many times over, and no doubt better by others. I'm okay with that; I write to clarify my thoughts and improve my writing. Up until 5th grade or thereabouts I was a nothingarian, often reading Greek mythology (or at least, simplified versions thereof) and even The Book for Children, though I can't say how much stock I put in the latter at the time. Around 5th grade mombot thought it would be a good idea to induct me into the faith, and I started into all that. By late high school (primarily through the discovery of the modem in my new 386DX-33 PC and BBS') I was severely doubting and way before that I was already resenting having to go to church before that (it was so mind-numbingly boring I took to observing the old person section creepily swaying in time to the music, or doing shadow puppets). By college, I was done with it; the deactivation of grandfatherbot helped sever any feelings I may've had at the time for the church. I was "in" for a good eight years or so, though never terribly hardcore. My middle and high school were both Catholic institutions, yet taught science as much as the next schools (though there were a few anti-abortion classes here and there).

I sort of drifted for a time, returning to being a "nothingarian", until I read Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, which sparked a skepticist bent leading to atheism (more technically, agnostic atheism). Since then, I've collected more and more evidence that man-made religion doesn't make sense, and is not the harmless thing it's made out to be.

Outside of that, I play games, and quite enjoy the internets. I started off with the Atari 2600 (original wood-grain & revised black plastic) and the Commodore 64. From there, I moved onto the NES (Deluxe set, :fuckyeah:), the SNES, Playstation, Saturn, Playstation 2, and so on. Nowadays I primarily play on Steam.

I also have a collection neurosis and like collecting books (on hold, mostly non-fiction), massage tools, fitness toys (why do I have three suspension trainers? ugh), and mini-tools (eg: Leatherman Micra, Gerber Shortcut).

I have several (rescue) kitties. You might see them if you watch my Twitter feed. They are all bad.

I'm semi-active on Twitter (look for @Zevaeros), as if the liberal use of widgets and the articles based on Twitter conversations weren't enough of a clue.

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