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13-11-2012, 08:47 PM
Hi, my name is Nicole and I am 28 years old from New Jersey. A lot of things about me confuse people. They ask why am I an atheist? I say because I just refuse to believe in fairy tales and recognize human evolution and innovation. The idea that we, ourselves are the ones that decided to be moral, out right human beings and evolve beyond our primitive natures. We don't need a false idol to dictate our morality. I am not a militant Atheist, but I am close enough. Most people say I step too many boundaries with my opinions, but when you think of it how many religious folk walked all over other people's shoes? I am not say I am correct in my actions, just saying I have a strong, unorthodox opinion of the world. I grew up Catholic, then I converted to more Wiccan based religions... Yes, I was a Wiccan but really that had to stem from my fascination with mythology, fantasy and culture (which I am still fascinated in). I realized at that moment that religion was nothing more then a story, not a factual story but fictional story to ease the minds of men. We create fairy tales to instil morality on our children, how is this no different? The more I research, the more I realized I was becoming more and more of an Atheist. I started going the agnostic root and then completely, cold turkey atheist. My parents, especially my mom said I should believe in something but she doesn't really cry about it. I guess you can say they are open minded and I was lucky on that front. I do have a boyfriend who believes in God, but he doesn't seem to impose his views. We do get into some odd arguments, but he doesn't always see my view point. It is hard and I can come off as a bitch sometimes, but all well. Anyway, I guess I will see you all around the boards!
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