Embrace your atheism through cults.
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30-07-2016, 11:33 AM
RE: Embrace your atheism through cults.
(30-07-2016 10:43 AM)Born Again Pagan Wrote:  How about The Family? I once met a man working on construction after Katrina in Mississippi who belonged to The Family a cult started in California to retrieve drug addicts from the streets of San Francisco during the hippy days. He slept in his car to use his money to preach. He believed in all the evangelical things such as the AntiChrist (then Prez Bush) and no smoking and no alcohol, nor drugs. I was on some insider webpages with him on The Family's site. They had been persecuted worldwide he was quick to point out. They had been bought to court for pedophilia which he denied, though he was in favor of multiple wives. His first wife had left him when he rook on a second one. WHen I knew him he had none. Maybe you can find something about them if they are extant.

Is the Children of God, the same of The Famliy. If it is that the one I've been reading back up on. Now that's a interesting coincidence.

I was pulled between them of the Hare Krishna's. But now i'm going to put my full attention on this one.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Plato
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30-07-2016, 02:20 PM
RE: Embrace your atheism through cults.
[Image: childrenofgod.jpg]

The Children of God
aka The famliy of Love aka The Famliy aka The Family International
members 20,000
1968 - current
David Berg

[Image: TFIPresent2.png]

Belief: (1968- 1977) Peace love and lots and lots of sex. Use sex to show God's love and Mercy and win converts. A method called Flirty Fishing was used draw young men and women during the sex revolution. David Berg known to his members as Moses David or Mo was the prophet of God. He wrote close to 3,000 letters over the coarse of 24 years that became know as the "Mo Letters"

[Image: 400px-Ml-606-illustration.jpg]

Sex was important and was suppose to be distributed no matter what sex or age you where.

[Image: gw_mo.jpg]

[Image: berg-197x300.png]

It was a twist on Evangelism spreading messages of salvation, apoclypticims, and spiritual revolution.

The Family of Love (1978-1981)

The children of God fell apart financial mismanagement, leaders abusing their power as well as other not agreeing with the Flirty Fishing method. Mo started over again changing the groups name and "fireing" 300 of the movement's leaders. One eight of the group left. The ones that remaind became the Family of Love.

More of less the same, But now only women were to use the Flirty Fishing Method. He opened up escort agencies to get new members. It was reported they reached 223,989 people using the Flirty Fishing method. between 1974 - 1987.

The Family (1982-1994)

Adult-Child sexual contact was rampant. Family members made multple statements stating if any members were caught doing such an act they would be excommunicated.

In 1994 Berg Died and Karen Zerby took over as leader.

Accusation of child abuse still persist. Even from former members.

For more information:

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Plato
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10-08-2016, 01:11 PM
RE: Embrace your atheism through cults.
[Image: rael-01-large.gif]

90,000 memebers
Claude Vorihon (Raël)

Extraterrestrials called Elohim created life on earth with their advances science. Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha etc were all representatives of the aliens.

Sexuality is very important part of the Raëlian Church, and because of this liberal views of sexuality in their doctrine has attracted many of it's priests and bishops in the cult.

In 1974 while walking alone Claude Vorihon in a remote volcanic crater in France, an extraterrestrial being came out of a craft. Speaking to Claude in perfect french Claude was told he was the chosen one to send the message of peace and humanity's true origins for the Earth. That 25,000 years ago earth was a testing group for an Elohims experiments. From this message he wrote the book Le Livre qui dit la vérité (The Book Which Tells the Truth)

[Image: article-2624420-1DABCA2200000578-870_634x452.jpg]

They had made claims that they had successfully cloned humans. Thou refused to show evidence for it. Also like many cults former members have accused the group of breaking up famlies should they not accept their teaching. And have often sued anyone that speaks poorly of their group. They've appear in court numerous times on money laundering, drug trafficking, prostitution, the selling of illegal firearms, and selling pornographic videotapes.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Plato
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