Encounters With Religion : tell your story
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24-05-2011, 04:31 PM
Encounters With Religion : tell your story
my encounter with Scientology:

i was a university student
sitting in the Quad

a fella comes over to me
chatting up friendly and sits down

i'm curious because he's way too friendly for
complete strangers
just out-of-the-box not normal

i'm relatively mute
just all eyes and ears and wonder

he talks up people meeting later that night and
invites me
saying how i might find it suits me for being enriching
of spirit and intellect

i'm excited and go home and get my guerrilla theater
persona together for the meeting

black rim glasses
cheap coat and tie

i enter the meeting place
a brightly lit room in a nondescript building centered
in a midtown urban location
about 8 people were there

a fella comes through an inner door and
introduces himself
he begins talking
talking tall tales to my inner aware ear
of mind overcoming emotions and achieving intellectual
and spiritual clarity

he spins his tale in fine fashion
and comes to a conclusion
a conclusion that asks for money to attain this clarity

my arm shoots up student style, i have a question
he asks:
"yes boy with black-rim glasses and cheap jacket and tie"

i say:
"uhmm... why do i have to pay money for clarity?
if it is my natural state as you say
why do i pay to be me?"

a fellow sitting a few chairs away gets up and
comes over, takes my arm pulling me up and leans
in and says
"you have to leave"

welcome to Scientology



B. Christ
i changed my mind...

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