End goal of GW scientists?
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20-06-2012, 10:17 AM
RE: End goal of GW scientists?
Can I just say, even if dirty things like certain power plants or car emissions are not causing an increase in global temperature and a decrease in thickness of the ozone layer, there is no dispute they are putting rather bad chemicals into the air increasing things like lung disease and cancer.
Cancer ally for example, it gets its name for a reason.
But also heavily smogged out cities I don't have the stats now (because I'm lazy and tired and its 4:16am) have higher cancer and diseases rates.

I think it can be accepted that breathing fresh air is better then breathing car emissions.

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20-06-2012, 12:58 PM
RE: End goal of GW scientists?
That is my preferred response for why we should begin weening ourselves of off these fuel sources. I have asthma as a result of my mother smoking around me as a kid and I can only imagine the severity for those downwind of a coal plant or in large cities with smog problems. There are other chemicals like Hg and Pb that are emitted from coal and other combustibles that have to be dealt with as well. Change the fuel source to one that is cleaner and improve air quality and the overall health of your population. I mean it affects water sources too, so you are ingesting it constantly in one form or another, sometimes the ingestion is more significant than others but it is never a good thing.

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