End the BS cold war slur by the right. OP ED
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24-04-2015, 08:08 AM
End the BS cold war slur by the right. OP ED
Help spread the word my fellow economic liberals. It is way past time we take away the bullshit cold war argument from the right. It is a bullshit myth that those on the left hate the private sector for merely saying that wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. No sane person should want us to become Stalin's Russia or Cuba. The right has successfully and for far too long have treated the word "Capitalism" as a form of government. It is not. China allows western businesses and the communist party keeps its power selling cheap crap with cheap labor to the rest of the world. The Saudi Royal family owns oil companies and has stock on banks and weapons. Gadaffi was a billionaire who owned stock in GE. Billionaires like Nick Hanauer in the United States understands that the exploding pay gap will kill the feedback loop that makes his class rich. It is way past time the left take the cold war argument away from the right.

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