Energy efficient lightbulbs
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18-09-2014, 09:39 PM
RE: Energy efficient lightbulbs
(18-09-2014 08:22 PM)Revenant77x Wrote:  
(18-09-2014 08:21 PM)Smercury44 Wrote:  Ah yes, that was another point, I'd rather have bulbs that won't kill me if one shatters in an unventilated space Laugh out load I'm a butterfingers Shy

Rev, do you know about how long those GE ones last you? I swear that's what we started with.

Rouge, are the LED bulbs still considered EE?

Thanks for the tip, Pablo, I'll keep an eye out for that Thumbsup

Um well since I bought em I have not replaced one. It's been like 8 months. They say they last like 5 years.

My kids leave lights on all over the house all the time. We'd burn through regular lightbulbs every few months.

I switched to the ones Revs suggested and they've lasted 4 years with huge use. The ones in my bathroom have been there for 6 years.

But as if to knock me down, reality came around
And without so much as a mere touch, cut me into little pieces

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19-09-2014, 03:55 AM
RE: Energy efficient lightbulbs
I spent quite a bit of money buying bulbs and desk lamps for growing chilli plants indoor (no, I really wasn't growing Cannabis). The LED bulbs were great but they are more expensive. They switch on to full brightness immediately and are much more efficient than even CFL bulbs (your typical energy saving light bulb). I didn't use them in the end though because I needed lots of very strong lights to grow the plants and couldn't afford to go with LED. I also had one bought from ebay that broke soon afterwards. But I'd definitely fit out a house with them. In fact I might start decking out our new house here with them now I am trying to set up a home for the first time.
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