Equality is double plus good
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28-06-2015, 05:21 PM
Big Grin Equality is double plus good
So I came across

So now I'm going to ramble on a bit.

Ok women so half the population there for half the scientist should be women err ok well by that logic what about 50 percent of the prison population or coal miner's or front line soldiers or any number of other things for that matter.

Now yes we should be encouraging children to be scientists and because girls and boys are different to each other it makes a certain amount of sense to have some campaigns specifically targeting girls and to have other campaigns specifically targeting boys.

But I am extremely unsure about the word 'Equality' after all men and women tend to make different choices to each other and is as far as I can tell because of a combination of societal pressure and biology

So if You've got opinions.On the word 'Equality'. I want to hear them
(try to be less rambly then me)
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