Euro break up???
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20-05-2012, 06:32 PM
RE: Euro break up???
I think the prime concern should be if Greece goes bust.
If Greece goes bust it will effect German and French banks hard which in turn will effect the USA considering the EU is your biggest trade partner.
The EU can cope without Greece.

The US wouldn't be in such a situation if they just sucked it up and traded with Asia, the Middle East, South America and Africa more.
If everyone traded with everyone more then what they'd share the load so to speak, then the financial crisis wouldn't be so bad because if one part of the link went feet up then at least you have several other trade partners rather then just one major one.

That is my prediction for the future, a world where everyone is trading a lot more world wide. It will be safer, in the case of recession, and it will be overall better as developing countries can rapidly develop. Then if everyone is close to a developed country then you have far closer reality to efficient allocation of resources rather then just go here because it is cheap. aka it is just better.

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