Europe, Russia and Trump
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27-07-2016, 01:24 AM
RE: Europe, Russia and Trump
(26-07-2016 05:38 PM)Vosur Wrote:  
(26-07-2016 05:28 PM)epronovost Wrote:  Actually, the countries who are counting the most on NATO to protect their sovereignty are like Estonia and Lithuania. Both these country meet the demand of NATO as for defense spendings, equipment, training and interoperability, yet both of these country are currently affraid to see their full sovereignty challenged by Russia and faced against a country so much more heavily armed, that they couldn't possibly think of even presenting a military challenge to them. hey aren't relying on NATO because they are indolent, lazy or stupid, but because they need strong allies to protect themselves.
Uh, no. Estonia does, Lithuania doesn't. Their defense spending is at 1.48% of their GDP as of 2016. Only five out of the 28 NATO member states meet the 2% goal.

Lithuanias GDP is 43bio $. 1% equals 430mio $. So with 1.5% it spends ca. 650mio $ for defense and should pay 860mio. How much of a difference does it make in realiter when a single Leopard 2 Tank is about 5 mio?
If your total GDP is as small as this, military spendings (which usually do not have any returns like other investments) hurt proportionally more than if you are like the US.

By the way: Estonias GDP is 30bio $ only. So its total spending is even more irrelevant.

Epronovosts point still stands: The ability to defend Lithuania vs someone like Russia has nothing to do with any will or ability of Lithuania itself but the will of its allies (NATO in this case) to guarantee Lithuania.
The situation was exactly the same when they were all three (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) annexed in 1940 by Uncle Joe and nobody even took notice (or does any of you know from the top of your heads?).

Regarding Trump and Baltic: I dont have a link here, but the Obama administration already has told (1 or 2 years ago?) the Lithuanian government that the US can/will not guarantee Lithuania vs Russia, and Lithuanias governments reaction was a heavy concern (of course). What i am saying is this is nothing new by Trump, it seems to me hes trying to sell something to the US population that already has ben established by Obama. Hes trying to sell something you already have.

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