Ever since I used this password to lock my phone ...
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01-01-2014, 10:15 AM
RE: Ever since I used this password to lock my phone ...
I have my smart phone and it does come in handy at times. But it drives me nuts that people are walking through the grocery store having full conversations on their phone, now I will make a quick call or text to ask husband if we need this or that but I don't want deep conversation. Or, I see people blabbing on their phone on my morning commute...I wonder who the hell you need to talk to at 7:00 in the morning, geez, I am trying to wake up and navigate traffic, and I don't want conversation. I go to get my nails done...at a spa, with the implication that it is a peaceful place and there are always people that have to have a running dialog on their phone through the whole process. I don't understand why people don't want some time in their day where they aren't talking/texting.

When did everyone become so self-important that they constantly have to have their phone in hand? If you aren't an on-call first responder put the damn phone down once in a while.
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