Evidence based religion (or beliefs)
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29-01-2014, 03:04 PM
Evidence based religion (or beliefs)
I've mentioned this in a first post in the new members area and think it's relevant for a wider review.

I'm from a health background and much is made in medical science and the associated parameters of caring and health service delivery, of the need to practice EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE or care.

I'm sure that 100% of readers will appreciate that the therapies, medications, clinical protocols, surgeries and everything else done to them in the context of western medical and health care is now based on this approach. It's the scientific method for health, if you will.

I heard Aron Ra mention on a podcast the other day (Bill Nye one?) that there is a significant difference between something being evidently not true as opposed to something that was not evidently true.

I mentioned this to my health professional wife, who made the connection to evidence based practice in health, and then the magic words:

"I guess we practice evidence based religion, then?"

Of course we do. We're both atheists.

This might make a decent addition to the T-shirt collection, if it hasn't already been done.
Apologies for the lousy graphic file...

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