Excerpt from my christian forum experience
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27-07-2014, 06:55 PM
Excerpt from my christian forum experience
This is an excerpt from the discussion I started on christianchat.com

All you say would be absolutely true if it weren't for some facts that can't be swept away with how great we are in being able to understand.

Have you ever had a child? From almost nothing comes a human being. Could all your facts explain that? Have you been in a room during death? One minute it is a person and the next that person is gone and a shell is left. Where did he go? Do you think that your reason is the start of humans and the world? How about you managing the tides of the ocean using how you reason things through?


Child birth. Have you seriously never had "the talk"? Have you ever taken a biology class. That is something that can easily be explained and if you truly aren't sure on that I can explain it.

I didn't put this in my description but I am in the air force and I've had a friend die in front of me. I didn't think that his "soul" went somewhere I didn't think his body was just a shell he was a dear friend of mine who is no longer a being plane and simple. Same thing will happen to me because that's all that I know at the time. All I know is that me being on this planet will be no more. I doubt there is more to it than that but no one's for sure. No point in making claims for something that hasn't been found out yet.

As far as the start of humans and the world. There are ideas about how it might of happened but there hasn't been any way to prove it as of yet. Again no point in making claims with no evidence.

Tides? Again do a quick Google search on this(as well as how children are conceived) and look at a few(not just one because why read just one thing and not get a different opinion and draw a conclusion) different examples and explanations. But these things have been tested and can be recreated to show that the explanation is valid.


So your conclusion is that a class in biology could create a child. Your conclusion is that your friend's soul simply disappeared. You know how the creation of the world happened and all of this you can prove is correct? You are sure you have all creation and life accounted for, and I don't think so. I think your life is more than what you acknowledge it to be.

You have chosen death, and it would be nice if what you say your friend experience of death was how it is, but a part of you actually does live on. You decide now where and how it will live.

There is no way someone is this mental. Paid no attention to what I said whatsoever and just generalized what they thought atheist represented. I was unable to respond because I was banned. I didn't even do anything but ask questions and respond respectfully.
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