FBI Launches 1 Billion $ Biometrics Project With Lockheed Martin
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11-04-2011, 10:05 AM
FBI Launches 1 Billion $ Biometrics Project With Lockheed Martin
By VC | April 2nd, 2011

The FBI launched this week a massive program aimed to record all citizen’s biometrics data. This will eventually enable instant surveillance and recognition of any individual walking on the street or entering a building. The 1 Billion $ deal was awarded to Lockheed Martin - the world’s largest defence company, which is part of elite groups such as the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and the Trilateral Commission. In short, Lockheed Martin is the official defence company of the world’s shadow government. (Complete Story)

I was watching a show, I forget which one now, and this woman showed up at a house and her husband was shocked. She said she utilized her, "Find my friend" App. Which is an GPS locator application that all one has to do to find someone is know their cell phone number. Enter it and the GPS in that phone tracks the person you're looking for.

I thought to myself, all those stupid ring tone ad's on TV, all those advertisements promoting something for cell's and all you have to do is give your phone number. What a great way to have yet another phone solicitor contact list on the market and now a great means to track anyone you choose, if you have their number.
Our carrier, AT&T has a road side assistance option that all one has to do is have their phone on , so that even if you're stranded somewhere and don't know the address, the AT&T service person for your needs, like wrecker, locksmith, tire changer, can find you just because your GPS locator can be accessed, as long as your phone is on.

All the end timers that have feared the mark of the Beast for generations, even some who see it already in bar codes, must surely be thinking with cell phones, GPS and even GPS tracking in new automobiles, that it has indeed arrived. In the palm of the hand and on the forehead, Revelations foretold. Well, one certainly knows where a cell phone is most of the time. And if not, with the new hands free laws around certain States, it may not be the forehead, but an ear bud is close enough.

Undecided Right to privacy.
Um, where does it say that exactly?
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