Facebooks related posts
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20-04-2016, 01:42 PM
Facebooks related posts
So today, I was scrolling through facebook and someone posted something about the recent earthquakes. Thanks to the help on my last post I was brave enough to read it. the article was basically talking about how the recent earthquakes are mentioned by jesus. They called it the “great shaking.” There wasn’t much in the article just bible verses on why this is the end times and whatnot. Normally when someone posts an article or shares one on facebook right under it is a group of links with related articles. Yall I don’t know who but someone is looking out for me (joking) but the related article gave me a laugh. It was an article on how jesus never existed. Some guy pulled together a list of documents from the time jesus was around and he has come to his own conclusion that the lack of mentioning jesus meant he never existed. It just tickled me pink that this girl posts a thing talking about the end of the world and the related link was completely in a different direction.

this kind of stuff gets me through the dayBig Grin
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