Failing Language Arts... Help me...
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02-03-2011, 05:50 PM
Failing Language Arts... Help me...
Today in Grade 9 L.A class,

There was this question

"their head salesman was a shark"
figurative device: Metaphor
Meaning: (I decided to try something new) Nice and shy, because sharks generally don't hurt and avoid people. Dogs kill more people than sharks.
(didn't write this, but should of, I learned this from geographic channel, and majority opinions is the correct answer ? What about other worldview like mine about sharks ?

Do you guys think, if keep on doing this, I will end up failing class ? This is like my 1st time answering more scientifically, hate metaphorical.

I think next time, I'm going to say, it depends what kind of shark, like those small gentle sharks, or those big sharks. Being more Specific and having it Scientifically answered.

L.A(B's) feel's like a biased class now, no wonder why I failed it, and pass Science(A's), Math(A's).

I think we should change the L.A program now.

"don't jump to conclusions until your 99%"

"dreams are the best source of creativity" me
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