Fairly new to "non-belief", did I miss something???
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23-02-2018, 03:07 PM
RE: Fairly new to "non-belief", did I miss something???
If thinking that 100s of friends are wrong makes you feel uncomfortable, remember that this is just the pressure of numbers (and history, to a certain extent)

Now imagine all those millions of people who used to firmly believe in Zeus, Thor, Osiris, and a host of other deities.
All those people sincerely prayed to those gods.
They honestly believed that their prayers made a difference in their lives, that the gods could and did intervene.
Yet today, we look back at those people and scoff at those beliefs, and consider those gods as mythological: no one worships those gods any more. "What rubes," we think, "how could they possibly believe that Thor's hammer made thunder?"

And yet why shouldn't you apply the same logic to your friends' religious beliefs?
Those beliefs are no more valid than the belief in Thor or Zarathustra or Anubis.
There is no more proof for Christianity's basic tenets than there is for Thor's affecting the weather. (And ancient peoples didn't have the benefit of near-universal education and the scientific method: so what's our excuse!)

It is very likely that some day, future generations will treat the big three monotheistic religions exactly the same way we currently treat the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians (if humanity survives that far into the future, that is).

The only thing separating us is time.

Your faith is not evidence, your opinion is not fact, and your bias is not wisdom
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