Fallout - Enclaves "final solution"
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16-09-2010, 07:29 PM
Fallout - Enclaves "final solution"
In the fallout series there is a fragment of the US government that survived the 200 year firestorm of WW3, any other survivors were effected by the radiation over the years and horribly mutated.
The Enclave as some of you may know is very xenophobic so they developed a plan later named the final solution that would cleanse the world of all mutated humans by means of a modified forced evolutionary virus.
They started trying to put the virus into the jetstream, then in F03 they were trying to "purify" all the water in the wasteland.

I'd like to know anyones thoughts on this.
Does this seem justified? what would better alternatives be?

I am in favor of the final solution, so many more would suffer from the effects of radiation poisoning, even far into the future you'll still have horrible defects and health problems, it isn't something I could do very easily but if the choice were mine I would tell them to start those chem labs churning out viruses.

Hey brother christian, with your high and mighty errand, your actions speak so loud, I can't hear a word you're saying.

"This machine kills fascists..."

"Well this machine kills commies!"
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