Fantasy/imagination vs. belief/faith
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20-01-2013, 02:24 PM
RE: Fantasy/imagination vs. belief/faith
The trust we give to adults as we grow up from a child is ingrained within our biology.
One of our survival instincts depends upon listening to those who know more than we do so we trust what they tell us to be true. Nearly everything an adult tells us defines what that object is, what color it is, if it is hot or cold, or if it is safe or harmful. Our very nature of the life we experience gets defined to us by the adults around us.

Now the problem comes in when the adult, who was also raised from their parents, passes along a lie, a fairy tale.
When that lie is compounded by additional lies every sunday and reinforced by other family members, freinds, etc, it gets ingrained deeper into our social consciousness. I believe we call this indoctrination.

When so many around you, that you trust have told you the truth, about everything in your life, but have lied about this one thing, it's very hard to believe it's a lie. The mind will rationalize any reason in order to not cast those you love into the same boat as those your religion teaches are evil. I'm talking about satan the deciever.
If you believe your religion, all those who have lied to you, decieved you, are agents of Satan and that would mean that everyone in your religion would be agents of satan.

The soldiers under Hitler were all very religious and believed that god was on their side.
When the mind can rationalize the whole sale slaughter of millions of innocent human beings as a good thing, what acts can ever be considered evil ?

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
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