Fantasy/imagination vs. belief/faith
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20-01-2013, 11:47 PM
RE: Fantasy/imagination vs. belief/faith
Yeah, I think that makes a lot of sense.

As for trauma, I don't really have personal experience with leaving religion, either. My dad was always an atheist, and my mom considers herself christian but is almost totally nonreligious. Her weak efforts at getting me to belief in god as a child were about as effective as getting me to believe in the tooth fairy (I'd pretend to sleep and watch her slip money under my pillow at night). But it's no wonder so many people cling to their religion, its tentacles are pretty far-reaching into their worldview and their social circles.

My mom laughs at me for this, but I often say I feel like the only sane person in a world full of nutters. And I do. Well, not literally the only person, but I do feel like part of a very small, invisible minority, and I'm sure that also adds to any trauma felt by formerly religious folks: the idea that many people seem either insane or willfully ignorant.
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