Faux outrage and arrogance by Christians when criticized.
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03-05-2012, 11:26 PM
Faux outrage and arrogance by Christians when criticized.
After watching christian students storm out of a lecture by Dan Savage on bullying of gay teens in protest of Savage's critical remarks towards the Bible it brought to mind a conversation I recently had with someone on FaceBook.  A flight instructor friend of mine who's a christian forwarded me one of those idiot chain emails about a judge assigning April 1 as National Atheist's Day (because it's April Fools Day and the Bible says that only a fool says there is no god).  I shot back that it was a bunch of snotty bullshit and completely fabricated (see Snopes.com).  I then received a response from one of his friends who got the chain mail, asking (in that sappy, condescending tone Christians do so well) why atheists hated Christians.  I proceeded to relate the following story to him and I think it really frames the Christian delusions of persecution in the correct light as nothing more than their failure to see it as a product of their own arrogance and bullying.

When I was a teenager, I remember being on a family vacation to the Tampa Bay area in Florida.  My father and I took a tour of old Fort Desoto in Sarasota.  One of the sections of the museum there had an exhibit about the Spanish exploation of the Florida peninsula in the 1500s.  The exhibit contained a diary belonging to a Conquistador officer and I distinctly remember that this officer had the arrogance to write about his bafflement with the hostility of the native tribes toward the Spanish.  He said "I can't understand why these savages hate us so much.  We only came to plunder their gold and convert them to Christianity."

And doesn't that say it all about Christians, even today?  They are taken back, hurt and dismayed when the world hates them, yet they feel entitled to browbeat and oppress the world.  A christian supervisor can't understand why an atheist would hate him, even after he fired the same man when word circulated around the office that the employee was an atheist.  A landlord receives an insulting and threatening email from a former tenant and is so hurt by it, completely forgetting that she cancelled his lease and evicted him because he was an atheist.  This cost him nearly $4,000 in relocation expenses and the inconvenience of the ordeal.  A man writes a letter to the editor of a local newspaper claiming his town is falling under the influence of satan because someone is doing an atheist radio show on a public access channel.  He, of course, forget that in his town there are 5 all Christian television channels, 4 Christian radio stations, and 2 Christian print forms of media.  A school bully gets punched in the face by one of his victims then runs to the police and school administration to have them take action against said victim, who, apparently is not allowed to resist said torments because he is gay and his lifestyle is condemned by the Bible.  These are just a few examples of the perceived attempts by Christians to frame themselves as the victims of persecution for their faith rather than to see the reality that their own actions prompted this animosity in the first place.

I explained this story to this man who wrote me on FaceBook and he responded with the following reply to the Conquistador story. 

"Well I guess Christ sets you free from your worldly possessions so you wouldn't need your gold anymore."

Fantastic quote, isn't it?  Not only is it breathtakingly stupid, but it's justification for them to break the Eighth Commandment all while doing so under the auspice of Christian charity.  After I finished banging my forehead into a wall several times, I read the rest of his message which said he would not ever speak to me again as he had tried to talk about this politely and that I had insulted him with such comments.  This is, of course, drivel.  I never attacked him.  I merely answered his question as to why Atheist's had animosity toward Christians, and if that alone can shatter his fragile ego, then so be it.

Experiences like this have made me a lot more combative towards Christians at times.  And I think that, in these kinds of cases that it is necessary to verbally tear them a new asshole because then won't learn otherwise.


"We were conservative Jews and that meant we obeyed God's Commandments until His rules became a royal pain in the ass."

- Joel Chastnoff, The 188th Crybaby Brigade
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04-05-2012, 08:31 AM
RE: Faux outrage and arrogance by Christians when criticized.
you make a mistake thinking these types are willing to listen to reason. Many of these people are hard core authoritarians, which means they dont care if they are being logical, fair, or even consistant. All these authoritarian types care about is that you comply and they will use every ability to have to force you to do it if necessary. Trying to appear as the victim is a ploy for your sympathy, sort of like an abusive relationship. He smacks you and then says he loves you, and if you dont love him back then you are such a hateful and hurtful person.

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