Feminism's many branches
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21-08-2015, 05:44 AM
RE: Feminism's many branches

It can be considered a strawman for feminism because there are names for the various school of feminism. It would be like saying that atheist have a holy book that tells them to be cruel to people who are displeasing them. This is also true because Laveyan Satanist, who are atheist, do have a «holy book» and it does contain a «commandment» that goes amongst those lines. It's wrong to apply that fact to atheism, because there is a wide variety of atheism school of thought. One should have said that Laveyan Satanist have a holy book that tells them to be cruel to people who displease them. Of course, those Satanists will tell you that you are mistaken and that you don't understand the context behind Laveyan Satanism and they would be right to do so.

Similarly, beside rights surrounding abortion, only Marxist-feminists argue for any other special rights for women at all. This means that this label belong to a very specific and easy to identify group of feminist. Even then, they will argue that they envisioned a society where men are subjugated by women, thus with much more powers and rights, only to allow women to destroy the social, political and cultural constructs that allowed one sex to subjugate another in the first place. Thus, the domination of women is temporary and ultimately leads to gender equality once and for all. This is central to any Marxist doctrine of class warfare. Marxist-feminist only apply Marxist doctrine of class warfare to feminism. Thus, one could actually say in all honesty that this idea of special rights and privileges for women over men find its roots in Marxism and not feminism itself. If you accept this, you admit that you made a strawman out of feminism by failing to recognise the origin of the concept of special rights/privileges in the context of feminism.
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