Fight or flight vs medical treatment
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11-09-2012, 07:24 PM
Fight or flight vs medical treatment
So I got five stitches last night. I gashed my thumb. I called an ambulance and got brought to the hospital, and a friend was good to me and met me at the hospital.

I ended up needing freezing done on my thumb before I got the stitches put in. I also needed a shot afterwards.

I freaked out. My fight or flight kicked in and I wanted to flee. In the end, I fought the flight mode and took control of my fear. It took some calming down, and I got it done.

It's embarrassing, confusing and altogether baffling to me, how my brain said 'Oh, HELL no' to the needle, that would allow my healing process to be easier and less risky. The rational side of my brain said 'What are you saying?! NO? No! Say yes! What is wrong with you?'.

In my research, I found that it has an evolutionary basis. Paraphrased, ancient humans avoided stab wounds, and according to Dr. James G. Hamilton, it is considered to be a form of needle phobia that is genetically passed on by these ancestors.

So my form of needle phobia is resistive, which is triggered for me by the flight. I wasn't restrained, but my mind needed to be restrained by my own self - getting over it, before it actually happened.

Here's the link: Wiki's info on fear of needles

I don't really know if there's a point to this thread, but I just wanted to pass the information on. Blush

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