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Fighting Games
Nope, they're shit.
Just mindless spamming and/or cheap tactics but mostly cheap tactics, especially online.
Plus like 40 button combinations for a combo are you serious? I play some pretty complicated games but FUCK THAT SHIT SON.
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Project M!
I got Tekken Tag 2, but haven't played it in a while.
MK9 was pretty awesome, but haven't touched that in ages.
I do alright with fighting games
Smash bros is the one I'm best at though. Pro players at smash bros are insane!
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Fighting games aren't mindless spamming if you play them right. xD That shit will get you KOed. Tongue Same with cheap tactics that rely on a player not knowing how to overcome a gimmick, but once they know how, those kinds of cheap tactics will also get you KOed. At least, depending on your definition of "cheap". A lot of people think having a zoning-oriented strategy to be "cheap". Tongue

I can relate to not being able to handle aspects of genres, though. RTS games kick my ass (except for LoL, but I dunno if that counts) and so do most shmups.

I've been playing KoF XIII a lot lately in favour of TTT2, but a friend of mine is really into TTT2, so I try to play every now and then just to make sure I don't get too rusty. I main Lili + Leo!

I can't imagine being pro at SSB. @_@ It's SUUUUUCH a fast-paced game, I have trouble keeping up with it just watching, let alone playing. Tongue I use Jigglypuff (inspired by Hungrybox) and Ike for the most part. In Melee I used Marth, but he doesn't feel the same to me anymore somehow, even on Project M.

EDIT: Personally, I like the crazy combos, and that's probably one of the reasons I prefer Japanese-style fighting games like Melty Blood and Arcana Heart. The sense of accomplishment when you land a combo like 2A 5B 2C 236A 6D x 5A x JA x JC 5A JA JB [jc] JB JC JE J623A~214A, and then learn how to do it reliably as a Bread-n-Butter during your matches is... numinous. Tongue
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The problem I have is that I burn out on fighting games pretty fast. Not enough irl competition and online can be really inconsistent.
I use Ganondorf on smash bros., and I feel like you said, like he just isn't quite the same. I like Wario in Brawl (as he's my favorite Nintendo character) but he is vastly different in Project M, like a complete overhaul.
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Ah the fighting versus another in a battle of skills, timing, knowledge, reflexes, and psychology. I do love me a god fighting game. Not like UFC or the street fight games (poor mechanics you see).
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I know what you mean about burning out, AaC! I tend to go through a kind of cycle. Tongue I rarely play the same fighting game for more than a month or two, but I eventually come back around to it. Tongue Luckily, I at least have a few online friends that are fighting game fanatics, so I can usually get some good (albeit laggy) online matches with them.

(01-11-2012 01:08 AM)Hamata k Wrote:  Ah the fighting versus another in a battle of skills, timing, knowledge, reflexes, and psychology. I do love me a god fighting game. Not like UFC or the street fight games (poor mechanics you see).

Hazama avatar and I am instantly impressed! xD I tried SOOOO HARD to learn Hazama in BBCS, but his combos require such strict timing that I just could never get down no matter how many hours I tried. Tongue How are you supposed to land ANYTHING in time after a 6C 66? xD Hazama players always amaze me because I just can't get it. Tongue
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I was big into MK9 for awhile. Still play it every once in awhile.
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What about old school ones? I didn't play much snes back in the day so I wasn't into Street Fighter or Killer Instinct.
Anyone remember Eternal Champions on the Genesis? I freakin love that game. Of all the Mortal Kombat games 2 is my favorite, it was awesome. They made Baraka garbage on the new game.*single tear*

Side note: Everybody that likes Smash Bros should check out Super Smash Land. Its like a gameboy version of smash bros, definitely worth checking out.
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Oh my god, Super Smash Land looks amazing! Thanks for mentioning it! I didn't get into fighting games until the PS2 era when I played Guilty Gear XX (like a total scrub, mind you. Tongue I didn't start actually trying to learn combos and stuff until years later when I started playing Arcana Heart 3). I heard a lot of th old SNK games were great, though. I've always wanted to try Samurai Showdown.
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Samurai Showdown definitely falls in the category of games I think look really cool but I have no idea how to play.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on PS1 was pretty bad ass fighting game. (Never read any of the manga)
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