Finally Free From Faith
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03-01-2013, 09:16 PM
Finally Free From Faith

I can really relate to Seth's story, and I just finished reading his book. I'm 45 years old, and it was 2 years ago when I told my wife I was no longer a Christian, and reject anything supernatural. I grew up going to a Presbyterian church every Sunday and was involved in the Youth Group, and Young Life in High School. I attended a Christian College, and met my wife in church, and we stayed involved in small group Bible Studies, and the whole thing.

Fast forward to 10 years ago. Married with 2 kids, and we moved across the country for a job. The first thing we did was join a big evangelical non-denominational church. My wife taught Sunday School with the kids, and I often attended an adult Sunday School class.

I can't recall the exact thing that started me down the road to really questioning my beliefs, but there were several key things:

One Sunday I was sitting in my wife's Sunday School Class, and she held the bible up and said to the children: "This is the word of God, and everything in this book is true." This was something the church required the Sunday School teachers to say. I had to admit to myself right there that I didn't think the whole bible was literal, so I shouldn't be teaching my kids that.

Another thing that happened in that Church was about the time the Dover Trial was going on, a church member (who was a high school math teacher) gave a class on Intelligent Design. My B.S. meter was going off, and I just wasn't buying it.

My sister and brother-in-law went to the same bible college where William Lane Craig is a professor, and they are now Christian Missionaries. They home school their kids and when I visited them, they had a "World History" timeline that went back 7000 years. This was a big WTF moment.

My mom came to visit the Grandkids and brought a CD from the Discovery Institute to show them. O Hell No!

A few things like this got me wanting to learn more about evolution, so I started reading books and watching videos on science, religion, and philosophy. Richard Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennet, Bertrand Russell, Dan Barker, and Thomas Paine. Paine's idea that "a supernatural revelations to one person is just 2nd hand hearsay to the rest of the people they tell" was one of the things that really connected with me, and I was through with supernatural thinking. There was no going back.

Two years ago on Valentines day, I was telling my wife that I was against all they anti-evolution stuff being pushed by my mom. She then said to me point blank “Do you still consider yourself to be a Christian?” I said, “not in the way I used to be. Not in any orthodox way. I’m sure there are people who call themselves Christian who think Jesus was a good guy, and did some good things, but don’t believe in and supernatural stuff. In that sense I could be, but in reality, I don’t believe.”

She asked me lots of questions, and after watching some of the videos, and reading some books that I read, became an atheist in a few days. She said she felt like a set of blinders had been removed.

I came out to my Mom and sister/brother-in-law not too long after in a letter. So far they have been cool, and there are some questions, but I'm more surprised by the lack of interest in why I came to this conclusion. They are happy in their delusion, and they live far away, so I don't have a lot of interaction, which is a good thing in many ways.

Now I love science, taking my family all the great museums in the Northeast, go on hikes, and bike rides on Sunday Mornings. I've attended a couple Atheist and Humanist meetups, but they seem more activist oriented, and I'm not sure that is my thing. New England is pretty non-religious to begin with, so most people I go hiking or biking with are not religious anyway.

Looking forward to participating in this Forum more.

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