Finally reading the Bible cover to cover
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09-02-2015, 03:57 PM
RE: Finally reading the Bible cover to cover
(06-02-2015 02:40 AM)true scotsman Wrote:  Hi Dahlia,

Also another thing you might look for is any mention of logic or reason and what they are and how they pertain to knowledge. Christians are always telling me that the Christian world view is the only world view that can account for logic. I find that amazing since I can't find any reference to the subject in the Bible. So its unclear how Christianity "accounts for" these things. I contend that for any guidance on the subject Christians must look to other sources and philosophies and steal these concepts. I've looked but can't find this information.

You might look up William Lane Craig - he is an apologist who relies heavily on logic to "prove" the existence of God.

There is also a growing movement in Catholicism called the "New Evangelization." My knowledge about it is pretty surface-level at this point, but it seems a key element of this movement is teaching Catholics to embrace the principles of classical philosophy and apply them to faith. This article illustrates the thought process behind it. (The name of the magazine is somewhat telling, isn't it?)

Daniel Dennett said something about it in a presentation a few years back - he referred to it as the "New Apologetics" - I think the terms are used somewhat interchangeably. But other than that, I haven't heard any comments about it from the atheist community. I imagine that will be changing as the movement grows.

(06-02-2015 10:44 AM)dogerdog Wrote:  I decided to do the same thing, just because it seems like a lot of atheists enjoy pointing out stuff to christians that they don't know about their own bible. Although it is by no means the most egregious part of the Old Testament, the many times it talks about burning an animal sacrifice as "an aroma pleasing to the lord" really jumped out as strange to me. If I had read that part when I was a believer, I might have stopped and questioned that. The all-powerful supreme being who exists beyond space and time is pleased by the smell of burning animal flesh? Also, when Jacob tricks Isaac to give the blessing to him instead of Esau, was god tricked too? Or if he wasn't Isaac couldn't ask god to rescind the blessing and give it to Esau as he intended? So many holes in these fables...

One more note, I'm surprised that people still respond to the Q-troll. He/she is clearly a contrarian who just enjoys trying to rile us up.

The descriptions of animal sacrifice really surprised me too. Isn't it amazing how much they skipped over in Sunday school? And yeah, you'd think an omniscient God would have seen to it that the blessing got to the intended recipient.

Update... I finished Deuteronomy last night. Scary stuff.
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