Finding myself
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24-11-2013, 12:10 PM
Finding myself
I want to go ahead and apologize if these ramble runs a little long. Basically I was doing a little thinking on how my life has changed these past 2-3 years from being not sure completely of who I was in terms with not just religion but everything. First off I was raised in Mississippi and I never fit in with the mindset of most people there and how everyone stayed stuck in their respective towns as well as socially and I never knew why. The closed minded effect clearly mimics the religious background the south is well known for. I really credit me going off into the military as the driving force behind me finding my voice because it got me out of the south(previoiusly I'd only been to chicago a few times) Although I never fully believed in God when I joined up 3 years ago I figured that maybe I should actually study this and then I would come to believe this since my parents heavily recommended I become "closer the lord" In doing so I really started seeing some stuff in the bible that really sounded wrong and after 3 total reads I was through, I was an atheist. Those previous 18 years of my life seemed so....wasted because I always felt enclosed with the possibility of a God. I know I said I never believed but growing up in a household in the bible belt you really have that instilled fear lingering of what if you're wrong which in turn brings you at a internal stalemate.

Now I just feel like I really know who I am and what I believe and it carries over so much into my everyday life. I no longer hold my tongue on any issue and I'm more vocal. Whether its on the religious stand point or someone being offended over homosexuals kissing(I'm not gay but I really don't see the big deal with other people being happy) I realize what is really important in this world now that I'm not concerning myself with the threat of hell, treating everyone with respect.

I can gladly say that being an atheist has freed me not only from the closed box mindset that limits people so much but from my own anti-social box that I'd been in for years.
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24-11-2013, 02:17 PM
RE: Finding myself
Finding yourself????

Did you even know you were lost?

Where did you eventually find yourself?

I'll bet it was in the last place you looked, huh??

"People don't go to heaven when they die; they're taken to a special room and burned!" Evil_monster
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