Finding old friends
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21-08-2012, 03:52 PM
Smile Finding old friends
So yesterday I find 3 comments on videos of mine and a message on youtube.
So I go check, and I am like, "why does this person know so much about my past?" When I got to read the message (after checking the comments) I thought I will bounce through the air.
It was a very dear old friend who I really really missed. I met her back at school, because we both were at the school band. And we became really good close friends. At some point she slid into a sect and I couldn't do anything but get some distance because she wouldn't interact with me unless it was about religion.
Since then I have never stopped thinking about her, I was always worried about her because of the sect, and I have been looking for her online several times without luck.
Now we mailed and chatted to find out that we both are married now and how our lives went.
She seems to be less nuts about religion now, though we only briefly touched the topic. I am not going to debate her or try talking her out of it as long as she is happy and she won't try to suck me in again. And apart from that she has always been a great person (I actually used to have a crush on her for some time. but that's long ago hah).

Who knows this feeling of "WOW IT'S SO GREAT THAT WE FOUND EACH OTHER AGAIN!!!!!" She used to be my very best friend, crazy times we had, fun and sad and all, the whole program. Wonderful to have found her again!

Leela is very happy right now!

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21-08-2012, 05:25 PM
RE: Finding old friends
Yay! Isn't it great when time smooths over the rough and stabby bits of past relationships?
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