Fish for science
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22-07-2012, 02:08 PM
Fish for science
So I decided I wanted a small aquarium on my desk and went researching. Took my time and researched all types of small aquarium systems and live plants and care etc etc. Last thing to research was the fish - and for a small aquarium like I am planning the selection is small too.

So I came across Glofish and researched them.

The come in irridescent green, orange, red, blue and purple.

Turns out they are genetically engineered fish (and I had heard about them before but not paid much attention).

Here are some videos about the research, and it is quite interesting and promising:

They are also nice fish, actually Zebra fish and perfect for what I am planning, so I will get those once I have the environment set up properly.

Just thought the research was interesting and I'd share here.

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