Fish in the twilight zone
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16-01-2017, 12:24 PM
Fish in the twilight zone
Very interesting article on BBC Earth about the abundance of fish, cephalopods and other denizens of the abyss and how they may help feed humanity.

The race to fish the larder living in the "twilight zone"

From the article:
Quote:... scientists now believe that the biomass of fish in the twilight zone is at least 10 billion metric tonnes.

"It's an immense number," St John says. "There's enough fish there to make up 1.3 tonnes per human on the planet. If you take and harvest 50% of that, turn it into fishmeal and then feed it to chickens through agriculture or pigs, you're creating 4.3 kilos of animal protein per human per day. So you've got people starving on the planet right now through food shortages, and here's a huge larder which we haven't even touched."

Massive technical problems remain, as well as the environmental impact of extracting so much biomass from the oceans. Still, an interesting article.
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