Fishing and life.
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11-11-2012, 12:44 PM
RE: Fishing and life.
(30-10-2012 10:47 AM)bemore Wrote:  Ive been doing a lot of fishing recently.... I caught my biggest common carp yesterday at 8.4 Lbs.

Whilst sat on the bank I was looking at the maggots I was using as bait. In there own unique way they are struggling for survival with an awareness to life only a maggot could comprehend....born and bred simply for the purpose of being fed to fish. I am unable to say wether the maggot feels fear or pain, wether it has the potential for this or if our undertsanding of these two things would be the same as for us... but when I pierce them onto my hook they react to it in their own way.

The fish in the lake are doing their own thing... they too are surviving the best way they can and they mooch about looking for sustenance, existing a lot simpler compared to us.... but nevertheless existing in their own and only way they know how.

Nom nom nom nom no.... the piece of food they were eating has a hook in it and dependant on the catch the hook could be in their mouth, down their gullet or in their body. People used to believe that fish couldnt feel pain but it is possibly more complex...... ..... even so I fight the fish until it is too tired and then I bring it in... pulling it outwards into a completely alien, hostile and eventually deadly enviroment.

Maybe more of a "reason" could be given to "Justify" catching the fish if I actually ate it. Instead I do it for "pleasure" and generally imprison the fish for a few hours in my keep net.

I dont like animal cruelty. When I hear about it or see it I get angry and reactionary. Yet I am faced with the "morality" of my actions and this will potentially shape my outcome.... and differing on my perceptions of "good" and "bad" I could potentially end up feeling "guilt" occasionally over what I do.

How many moral dilemmas do we face everyday and automatically "judge" in a split second on how to react almost sub-consciously and consciously at times???

What difference does it make and what do all the words mean other than the meaning that you yourself give them on the bigger scale??? Some people try to use them to describe and justify "life" (its reason, how to do it, what will happen/judgement etc etc) yet these words... whilst yes being of a kind of paramount importance to the individual/s on earth... on the bigger scale in the confines of infinite space our words dont really seem to mean a lot.

When we go inwards to the world of quantum mechanics the words are also inadequate to describe what is happening.

These huge things are part of us yet this kind of "nilhism" can only exist in my head, it cannot be applied to "life"

Who are we to judge the universe..... and what fate of the maggot???

To me, it appears like you are trying to answer the age old question of "What is the meaning of life?" Your post really isn't about the maggots or the fish, and it is filled with far more questions than answers.

In many respects I agree with what you said. You wondered if the maggot felt any fear. I think fear is a by-product of all sentient creatures' inherent motivation to survive; survival instincts. In some creatures it may be more developed, while in others it is not so developed, but it can still be found in all sentient life.

I think that the sum total of our existence is a basic mathematical equation of -1 +1= 0, where -1 = decreasing our pain, while +1 = Increasing our pleasure. We are always struggling to do one or the other. Every last thing we do is motivated by one or the other.

For example, fear is a painful emotion to experience. It makes us feel uncomfortable. We will do whatever is required to end the fear because it ends the pain.

On the other hand, sex is both an emotional and physical form of pleasure. We seek it out to increase our pleasure.

Ignorance can also be painful. The many unanswered questions you asked in your post can manifest a desire to have them answered so that you can alleviate the pain of ignorance, and experience the pleasure of knowledge.

What all this seems to translate to is that each and every thing we do is a selfish act. We are all either trying to decrease our self pain, or increase our self pleasure. I long ago came to the conclusion that it is impossible for any of us be selfless in any way.

There is no such thing as a selfless act.

Such a bold statement, isn't it? But when you really think it through, and analyse various different scenarios that seem to demonstrate a selfless act, you come to realize that it was the self appeasement of a certain emotion that accounted for the actions of the person who seemingly committed a selfless act.

Pleasure & Pain: That's the meaning of life that is common to us all. We can be philosophical about it, and each of us will ascribe some philosophical view of what the meaning of life means to us as individuals, but the reality of the meaning of life is common among us all.

We are all inherently 100% selfish.

Sounds like a bad thing, huh? No, it's not. Its the way all sentient life actually is. Sure, some people can take their selfishness to an extreme whereas their attempts to increase their pleasure could mean to inflict some kind of pain on somebody else.

Even your post here was designed to increase your pleasure. You are looking for answers to alleviate the pain of your ignorance. Even my post back to you is a selfish act as it my hope that you accept what I am saying and then I somehow receive the pleasure of acceptance and approval.

Anyways, excellent soul-searching post.


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