Flame Warriors: Which Are You?
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09-11-2012, 09:45 PM
RE: Flame Warriors: Which Are You?
I'm not sure what I am...a melange of this at that, I think...

HoC is Loopy

Loopy's messages are incomprehensible to all but
himself. Loopy is easily aroused and exuberant in battle and fearlessly
flings himself at any Warrior - even Kung-Fu
. Loopy's main weapons consist of a disarming array of nonsequiturs,
tautologies, and bizarre metaphors, which can often gain him an advantage
in the initial stages of an attack. Combatants very quickly realize,
however, that Loopy is a certifiable nut case and generally avoid further
engagement. Jerk and Evil
revel in egging Loopy on for their own amusement. CAUTION:
Loopy cannot be defeated with conventional weapons - any response to
his attacks will provoke a fusillade of incoherent messages, so Loopy
is best left undisturbed.

GirlyMan is Perv

Wily and very secretive, Perv isn't actually a genuine
Warrior in the strictest sense; he isn't interested in combat psychology,
fighting tactics or even winning battles, and he couldn't care less about
the subject under discussion - all he REALLY wants to know is what you
are wearing.

I and I is Klaxon

the internet Chicken Little, raises the alarm for each and every paranoid
conspiracy theory, Federal Big-Brother scheme, internet hoax, and latest
computer virus. No black helicopter alert is so ludicrous, no urban legend
so implausible, that he will not pass it along as accepted fact (in ALL
CAPS with multiple exclamation marks). Congratulations, you are recipient
16,747 of today's Urban Myth. CAUTION: Evil
or even Klaxon himself may sometimes spread false alarms just
to stir up trouble.

earmuffs is Jerk

Jerk is sarcastic, mean, unforgiving and never misses
an opportunity to make a cutting remark. Jerk's repulsive personality
quickly alienates other Warriors, and after some initial skirmishing
he is usually ostracized. Still, Jerk is very happy to participate in
electronic forums because in cyberspace he is free to be himself...without
the risk of getting a real-time punch in the mouth

The Theist is target

Target is the guy everyone in a forum loves to hate.
He brings this upon himself; he may be a known cheater in a game forum,
a conservative among liberals, a Windows guy among Mac enthusiasts, or
even a man in a women's forum. Why Target places himself in such dicey
situations is anyone's guess, but he seems genuinely oblivious to the
danger. When Warriors unleash their collective fury upon him his usual
reaction is "Hey, what did I do?" or "Why do you all hate
me?" Target eventually gets the hint after a while and moves on.
NOTE: Target often serves as a useful pressure valve for the forum's
pent up hostilities. Therefore, if the current Target has been driven
off or immobilized a new target will be quickly selected. CAUTION: Target
is a favorite disguise of Troller amd Evil

Deep Thought is Ent

In bygone days Ents roamed an internet paradise
of purposeful forums, but in recent times Ents have grown quiet. Indeed,
Ents are so rarely heard from these days that netizens have begun to
doubt that they ever existed. Being privy to the secrets of the ancients
Ents are an extremely powerful Warriors, and are all the more so because
of the veneration in which they are held. Warriors who chop and burn
an Ent in battle will not earn glory, but will instead incite the enmity
of the entire forum.

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