Florida adventures, addendum
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12-12-2013, 01:45 PM
Florida adventures, addendum
Hey guys and gals,

So I told you guys a few things about the days of my Florida vacation, but not about the circumstances surrounding it.

I spent the 2 weeks sleeping on the couch of my childhoodfriend Greg Karr.
Greg is from S.C. and about 10 years ago, his parents divorced.
His mother decided to move to Holland and Greg started working at the same store as I. After a while, his visa ended and he had to return to the US.
Earlier this year he suggested I come over for Thanksgiving, so I did.

Greg is a smart guy, atheist, up to date in world events and politics, outspoken liberal, nice guy to hang around. Just a lot of bad luck.

He couldn't go to college because his dutch High School diploma wasn't recognised. He had to do high school equivalency, but didn't manage to go to college.
Greg is now 25 and works 2 fulltime jobs (Publix and Radio Shack) and still makes less money than I do. He used all his vacationtime for 2013 to have me over (except for Black Friday, the poor sod).
Thanksgiving came around and we spend half a day cooking for 6-8 people.
But then every single guest cancelled.
There was him and me, sitting at a table full of food.
The mood that night wasn't too bad, but he was clearly very disappointed, and his mood for the next week wasn't too great.
Also, in that same following week, he learned he had to move out of his place before december 21st.
And he's probably going to spend christmas alone too.

Now, here's my point.
I was wondering if some of you could help me out and give the guy a semblence of a nice christmas by including him in your christmascards list.
Just a little cheering up by some random strangers.
Don't even mention me or this post, just buck him up a little while spending christmas alone.

His home adress (until the 21st) 15 Kingfisher Ln, Key West, FL 33040

Thanks for listening.

Aspiring optimist
Eternal Pragmatist.
With the uncanny ability to see all sides in every argument.
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