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27-05-2012, 09:24 AM (This post was last modified: 11-06-2012 02:22 AM by earmuffs.)
Forum Mafia Game
I don't know what the interest is gonna be for this but as the saying goes, it is better to have tried and failed, then not try at all!

So, welcome to TheThinkingAtheist's first forum mafia game.

[Image: 2gt6mgp.jpg]

Ok, so forum mafia is a bit of complex forum game (as apposed to something like say a word related to the word above, not that there's anything wrong with that though) but once you know the rules and how it works it's really easy and can be quite a lot of fun. Something different.


Like I said, they can be a little complicated at first but bare with me.

- Forum Mafia is played with any number of people as long as that number is above 5 or 6. The more, the better (In my opinion).
- It is a game between the Mafia and the Townsfolk (everyone else).
- The game works in phases. The night phase, and the day phase.
- Once everybody who wants to play has stated so, I (the 'moderator') will send private messages to all those involved.
- In the private message will be your assigned role. Because this is a first time the roles will be simple. If this is successful and there is expressed interest in a number 2 I will be happy to make things a little more complex, as well as maybe a themed version. (Theist v Atheist perhaps).
- Nobody else knows your role. Except the mafia, who know who each other are.
- During the 'night phase' nobody can talk in the thread. The period will likely be 24 hours. During the night phase the Mafia will select one person in the game that they wish to kill. They will private message me the person they want dead. Other players with roles will also send me names of their targets and they will get the appropriate response. (This is things like Cop, who each night can select to investigate someone where I tell them during the night that persons role.)
- Upon the 'day phase' I will reveal who the mafia have killed. (in the form of a very short story, like XXX was found with their head bashed in laying next to a candle stick in the conservatory). Then the thread is open for discussion. While discussing, everyone (includes mafia) must make a vote of who they suspect to be mafia and who they want to execute during the day. Can be tactical, ie: Cop finds a mafia person during the night, they can say their the cop and found a mafia. BUT then the mafia know he is cop and so will be a target. BUT also, nobody knows if he IS a cop, he could be mafia just lying. This is where the tactics, are deceit, who do you trust etc.. all come in.
- The day phase will end when the majority have voted on who is to die. That person will then be killed off and their role revealed.
- Once you are killed you are ghost, please don't post in the game thread. Especially don't post information that will ruin the game. (ie: dead cop posting that XXX is mafia). If you do you wont play another mafia if others are wanted. It's that simple, it ruins the game.
- At the end of the day phase, night phase will begin. Etc etc etc until one side is left the victor.

If I haven't explained well, click this and follow 'basic rules':
It explains it very well.

So, if this sounds interesting please say. If not, say so too. I don't know what public opinion and/or want for this is so..


Magoo - Godfather LOSER (Usurper succeeded, sorry)
Deepthought - Mafia Framer
Ladyjane - Mafia Usurper turned Mafia Godmother WINNER
- Deputy/Traitor (Converted from townsfolk to mafia at some point in the game)WINNER


GirlyMan - Mayor LOSER
Leela - Bodyguard LOSER
Erxomai - Doctor LOSER
Itsacow - Nosy Neighbor (Watcher) LOSER
Kineo - Security Guard (Roleblocker) LOSER
Filox - Priest (And faith healer) LOSER
Grasyknoll - Cop LOSER

Carlo - Homeless man (Survivor) LOSER
Bemore - Inventor/Survivor LOSER



The rain trickled down the window as the newly arrived Godfather stared out at the small town of Salso.
A small Sicilian town in the beautiful country side. A grin slowly filled his face.
" town, my kingdom". He chuckled softly to himself.
Across town the Major stared out of his office, watching the friendly warmhearted people of Salso running
to get out of the rain.
"ahh, Salso, my beautiful town, my kingdom." He smiled to himself with a slight hint of satisfaction.

The Godfather sat at his desk in his new country home. In front of him stood two finely dressed young men.
"I have studied the people of this time for some nights now" The Godfather started.
"They feel safe, well protected, by their police force and seemingly friendly neighbors." He continued.
"What will you have us do Godfather" one of the young men asked polity.
"I will have this town in a constant state of fear. The townsfolk of this town will be scared to go out at
night, they will be afraid to leave their homes.". He softly said.
The Godfather stood up and walked over to his window.
"I will have the friendly warmhearted people of Salso afraid of their shadows. Then.." he pasued.
"Then.. I will rule this town." he said, almost whispering.
He promptly turns around and faces the young men.
"Make these town folk afraid to walk the streets!" He ordered.
With that the men quickly turned around and promptly walked out.


The Godfather assembled his troops. They walked down the quite street, lamp posts lightly the way.
Two shadowy figures emerged from a building. The mafia stopped across the road from them.
"good evening there gentlemen.." one of the men holla'd with a smile, looking at the mafia members.
No words were replied.
One of the mafia members opened his large long trench coat to reveal a Thompson machine gun.
Leela, one of the two shadowy figures, pushed the other man out of the way just in time as sounds of
machine gun fire echoed all around the town.
The mafia men turned and ran away as civilians rushed to investigate the cause of the dreadful noise.
Leela lay on the ground, blood forming in a dark red pool around the body. Dead.

Leela has been killed.

As day broke members of the town assembled seeking revenge from the nights action.

DAY PHASE #1 - 7 votes to lynch. For voting rules please see post #58

The town gathered around the gallows in the small towns center.
Throughout the yelling and screaming of various names one name kept coming up.
The bandwagon just couldn't be stopped. "LYNCH HIM!!" The town screamed.
Erxomai stood calmly as a wave of hysteria blew over the townsfolk.
Erxomai put up no struggle as the townsfolk strung him to the gallows.
The stool was pushed out and with the snap of his neck the towns population became one less.
The townsfolk rushed over to his home, they smashed down the front door and tore the place apart.
Medicine books filled the bookcases, small models of various body parts dotted around his home.
All their searching turned up no evidence that he was mafia. And then it sunk in, they had hysterically
just killed Salso's doctor. Only prayers could save them now.

Erxomai has been lynched.


An uneasiness sweeps the streets of Salso. People are afraid to go out at night.
The Mayor is working late tonight. He has a lot to do and with the recent trouble
his work has escalated. While the Mayor sits at his desk, alone in the council building, a
grandfather clock ticks back and forward, tick, tock, tick, tock..
Its the only nose that fills the room. Suddenly, *DONG!!!!!*, the Mayor leaps from his chair.
There is a pause until the Mayor notices it was just the clock, 1am. Relieved the Mayor sits
back down in his chair.
"Scared you did it" a voice comes from the shadows.
The Mayor leaps back up out of his chair.
"'s thhh...thhhhh..eeereeee" The Mayor says in an absolutely terrified voice.
Manic laughter fills the room.
"Bahahaha! I'm the motherfucking reaper baby!"

Morning dawns, the sun fills the streets and the lovely folk of Salso resume their day to day activities.
"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!" a women's screams echos throughout the
entire town.
People race to the sauce, a girl standing in the doorway of the Mayors office.
The Mayor, hanging from the light shade by his belt, scratch marks on his neck...

GirlyMan has been killed.

DAY PHASE #2 - 6 votes to lynch.

The town gathered in the square. They argued, throwing names left right and center.
As the sun started to set the arguing continued with no clear suspect. They decided to call
it a day and went home until they would resume tomorrow.
If they survive that long...


A top the hill sat the loner inventor. Slightly crazy in his inventions he was often the talk of parents "stay away from that one" they would often say to their children "he's not quite there..".
Magoo was out on the prowl tonight, roaming the streets looking for a new target. He spotted a good target in the distance, he crept slowly towards her keeping his distance. He slowly took a switchblade out of his pocket as he got closer and closer. But before he could do the dirty deed he was stopped dead in his tracks by the local security guard.
"What do you think you're doing" The security guard said with his hand on his new 9mm.
Magoo turned around to head back when *BOOM* a loud echo filled the night and Magoo hit the ground, dead instantly.

Magoo has been killed.

DAY PHASE #3 - 5 votes to lynch

The town gathered. The guilt was to much, "It is I!, I am mafia!!" screamed Deepthought. "The pressure is to much to bare!, my conscious is heavy!!!". The town looked around puzzled but were all to keen to oblige and strung him up.

Deepthought has been killed.


As the populace became ever smaller tensions brewed. That night all eyes were focused, watching for any movement.
Unfortunately all eyes were focused elsewhere as a sly predator crept slowly through the shadows.
A door was slowly opened. The predator slowly crept towards their victim. The victim making things easy with his head firmly fixed on looking through some binoculars. The predator crept up behind him, piano wire in hand.
The struggle lasted barely seconds before itsacow lay dead on his living room floor, blood dripping from his neck.
The predator crept slowly out, never to be seen.

Itsacow has been killed

DAY PHASE #4 - 4 votes to lynch

Enough is enough! the town cry. "That strange smelly man always on the streets has to go!!!" They scream. "Yes, I saw him with a Thompson the other night" another one says.
The townsfolk gather around his cardboard box. Carlo looks up at them puzzled, "spare a nickle?" he says.
"KILL HIM!" They scream as they drag him kicking and screaming over to the brand new execution device shipped in from France. They strap him down and *WOOSH!* his head bounces on the ground and rolls down the hill.

Carlo has been killed.


Panic has come over Salso. It's do or die. Suspicions are everywhere as the local Security guard Kineo walks his usual nightly beat. The town is almost deserted. He turns a corner and in the distance stands a shadowy figure beneath a lone lamp post. Trench coat almost touching the ground, head towards the ground. "Hello?" Kineo shouts as he shines his torch. "You shouldn't be out at night, its dangerous" he continues.
The shadowy figure slowly looks up at Kineo, cigar in mouth. "Yeah... it is...". As Kineo approaches the shadowy figure takes one last puff of the cigar and drops it to the ground. The figure pulls out a switchblade and proceeds to pick their teeth. Kineo now approaches and stands infront of the mysteries person. "Come now, you should move on, there has been strange occurren.." he couldn't quite finish the sentence as the figure lunged the switchblade deep into Kineo's throat. Kineo drops to his knees unable to scream for help, choking on his own blood.
The shadowy figure walks off.
The next day Kineo is found, still on his knees, switchblade still in his throat.

Kineo has been killed.

DAY PHASE #5 - 3 votes to lynch

As the town gathers outside the church, Filox the humble priest prays by the alter for the small town of Salso. "God, please forgive them for what they are about to do." he says. "BURN IT!!!" The townsfolk scream.
The townsfolk throw their torches at the church, smash windows with molotov's. As the church burns down Filox remains faithfully at the alter, praying that God will save him. But of course we all know God isn't real and hence the church collapses and Filox is crushed by burning rubble.

Filox has been killed.

Now that the mafia have the small town of Salso firmly wrapped around their little finger there is only two loose ends to clean up.
Ladyjane does the honors. Bemore and Grassyknoll are sitting at a restaurant having brunch as Ladyjane approaches wearing high heals and a skimpy red dress.
"Why hell boys" she says as the two gentlemen can't help but stare.
"Why hello their lovely lady" Grassyknoll says.
Ladyjane puts her handbag next to the table leg, takes a drink of Bemores drink and slowly walks off. "Thanks for the drink boys" she says as the two gentlemen can't help but stare at her ass as she struts her stuff.
As they stare Ladyjane walks around the corner out of sight.
*tick tick tick tick*
"Do you hear that noise Bemore?"

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27-05-2012, 10:26 PM
RE: Forum Mafia Game
I love mob flicks, I'll bet I'd enjoy playing something like this too Smile

Who's with me?
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27-05-2012, 11:23 PM
RE: Forum Mafia Game
I will join up. Say Hello to my little friend will be spammed by me when we start though.

Under Repair.
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27-05-2012, 11:37 PM (This post was last modified: 27-05-2012 11:43 PM by DeepThought.)
RE: Forum Mafia Game
If I wrote a script to play this game wonder what kind of interest it would attract. Allot of the functions could be scripted - the lynching, mob killings, the day/night cycle, player functions, random player role selection, and score keeping.

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27-05-2012, 11:50 PM
RE: Forum Mafia Game
(27-05-2012 11:37 PM)DeepThought Wrote:  If I wrote a script to play this game wonder what kind of interest it would attract. Allot of the functions could be scripted - the lynching, mob killings, the day/night cycle, player functions, random player role selection, and score keeping.
Script as in story?
Because the story is apart of it, that is how things are told (the murders at night, lynching, etc..), in the form of adding a paragraph or so to a continues story.

Also because you posted I am assuming you're in? Big Grin Tongue

Thanks for the interest by the way, 3 people already. Just need a minimum of 3 or 4 more, however like I said, the more the better.
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28-05-2012, 01:53 AM (This post was last modified: 28-05-2012 01:57 AM by DeepThought.)
RE: Forum Mafia Game
Script as in program. It would enforce the rules and handle the voting (lynching and murders). There would be an actual day/night cycle divided into 12hrs blocks.

Provide the public town chat facility during the day and private mob chat at night time.

It could all be made publicly viewable at the end of the game.

If you have a cop or a doctor those functions could be handled by the script, and once the game is over people could see the decisions made by each player and how the cop investigated players, how the doctor protected players, etc.

“Forget Jesus, the stars died so you could be born.” - Lawrence M. Krauss
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28-05-2012, 02:50 AM
RE: Forum Mafia Game
Hmmm. What about things like getting the right information to the right people at the end of the night/day.
That sort of things, plus more complex roles.
Would a moderator still be needed?
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28-05-2012, 03:08 AM
RE: Forum Mafia Game
You will always need a moderator for that thread, there will always be someone who will comment without respecting the rules, so someone should be there to delete the posts that are not meant to be there, at that time.

I'm in. You're dead.


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28-05-2012, 05:28 AM
RE: Forum Mafia Game
I wanna join and hope that i am not dead yet Big Grin

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28-05-2012, 05:32 AM
RE: Forum Mafia Game
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRcaCWBxtydfmTBZCW3jR3...hr38VP9tLw]

Im in Thumbsup

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